TC Jones Coaching specializes in change and inspiration. Services include life/personal coaching, executive coaching, and individual and collective/transformational leadership development with individuals, organizations and corporations seeking to enhance their effectiveness and well-being. We develop skills, awareness, attributes, and collaborative relationships that lead to sustainable change.

Our strategies yield lasting results because we:

  • Employ research-based methods of adult learning that issue in long-term skill development and behavior change
  • Focus on substantive results through the disciplined application of evidenced-based theories
  • Forward an understanding of leadership that moves beyond what a single leader can do
  • Know the difference between intellectual, emotional and contextual intelligence and know how to build each type
  • Help clients learn faster due to our understanding of the neuroanatomy of the brain
  • Attend to both vertical (perspective/being) and horizontal (skill/doing) development, rather than just teach concepts, which enables quicker growth
  • Work from an inspired, integral vision that seeks to build a better world

Our corporate, organizational and community initiatives focus on:

  • Developing leadership that optimizes productivity
  • Maximizing the impact of training programs
  • Optimizing the change, learning and relational processes in mergers and partnerships
  • Building collaborative relationships within & between boards, teams, organizations & community sectors
  • Reaching peak performance while maintaining life balance
  • Retaining valued talent
  • Creating high-impact, collaborative teams
  • Enhancing work culture and morale

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