Ethics and Values

We adhere to the coaching profession’s toughest standards and ethics:

  1. Confidentiality – We guarantee your complete privacy, which means that we never reveal the names or contact information of our clients or the content of our conversations to anyone for any reason without your consent.
  2. Professionalism – Courtesy and respect are central to all of our relationships. Products and services are consistently rendered with the highest professionalism.
  3. Dependability – We will be on time and consciously present for scheduled appointments; We ask the same of our clients.
  4. Constructive Communication – We only use constructive language and refrain from using criticism and guilt as motivational techniques. 
  5. Excellence – We strive to be experts in the coaching field. We continue to study the latest technology and innovative coaching methods so that you receive the absolute best coaching available.
  6. Honesty - We are radically honest and open in sharing our insights and perspective.
  7. Efficiency – Our coaching procedures can be communicated electronically so that you receive information quickly and easily.
  8. Accessibility – Because we believe the evolutionary power of coaching can make a real and lasting impact on individuals and the collective life we all share, we leave one space open in our practice to offer scholarships for those who cannot otherwise afford the experience. For those of you who need it, we invite you to call and get on the waiting list. 
  9. Resourcefulness - If we are not able to help you or your organization, we will tell you so and refer you to someone who can.
  10. Environmental Sustainability – An electronic office and telecoaching allow us to decrease paper and automobile usage and thereby better preserve the natural environment.