How Coaching Works


Coaching is designed with the busy professional in mind. Our sessions occur either in person or by telephone, a system known as telecoaching which is standard in the coaching profession. Clients find this method most effective and convenient for several reasons:

  • Calls are made in the comfort of your own home or office.
  • Fewer sessions are missed due to business or personal travel.
  • Travel time and costs are eliminated.
  • Expert help is provided within a focused, efficient context.

Telecoaching allows us to coach people all over the world. We provide a toll-free number for long distance calls. We also welcome meeting clients in person for an initial meeting or for special training when indicated.

The time and frequency of coaching calls is flexible, but weekly half-hour sessions usually provide the greatest results due to the regular support and accountability this structure offers. Many clients choose to send an agenda before each call to optimize the benefit of each session. And while the focus of each call varies, you will always receive insight, practices, support, and challenge, which propel you into action.

In addition to the scheduled calls, e-mails and brief calls in between sessions areencouraged to maximize coaching efficacy. Written assessments, exercises, programs and special sessions are also utilized in the coaching process. Regularly scheduled evaluations and review help keep the process on track.


A clear vision and practical application are cornerstones of the learning process. So throughout the coaching partnership, we help you develop and hold a clarity of purpose and stay in action toward your intentions. And while coaching brings out your best, you have to do the work.

Techniques and principles are customized to increase satisfaction in any area of life on which you choose to focus. Yet we always attend to who you are becoming, what personal and professional future you are creating for yourself, your quality of energy, your strategies and actions, and what habits you are conditioning. We generally use the following model that may vary, depending upon your needs:

  • Clarify current reality and identify needs
  • Expand options and perspectives
  • Create vision for what you want
  • Define priorities and focus
  • Identify an end result and clarify intentions
  • Expand awareness of barriers in achieving the vision
  • Design general strategies to attain outcome
  • Plan and implement action steps within each strategy
  • Acknowledge progress, obstacles, insights, and opportunities
  • Maintain focus and momentum on desired outcome
  • Adjust vision or plan as new information is gathered
  • Refocus on end result
  • Increase resourcefulness and confidence in your abilities
  • Celebrate your accomplishments

How to Begin Coaching:

Call 520-318-3557 and we’ll schedule a complimentary session to explore how coaching could work for you. Then if we decide that having a personal coach will benefit you, we’ll send you a welcome packet of materials that will help you make the most of the coaching process. Included in this packet is a pre-coaching assessment of your strengths and obstacles to development and performance. We’ll then arrange our appointments and begin this exciting work together.

The support of a professional coach can make all the difference in helping you realize your potential and we thank you for considering us as your success partner.