Life/Personal Coaching

Individual and Group Coaching Sessions

Each session provides clear methodology, challenge, and practical application to help you make the change you want to make. Because your needs change during the coaching process, the focus of each session may vary between raising awareness, problem solving, goal setting, or action planning.

Sessions are generally thirty to forty-five minutes in length and group sessions are also available either in person or via teleconferencing or Skype for people who share a coaching focus.

Executive Coaching

Learn more about Executive and Corporate Coaching here

Team Coaching

Team coaching is provided for existing teams within an organization or corporation. Our focus is to assess individual and team commitment, communication, structure and function and then design and deliver coaching according to the team's specific needs. A systems perspective is employed in evaluating the effectiveness of the individual in context of the team and of the team in its organizational context.

Shadow Coaching

Shadow coaching allows the coach to directly observe you on-site, in whatever contexts you choose, to offer feedback coaching and mentor you in skill development.

Coaching Packages

In addition to private scheduled sessions, all coaching packages are customized and include the following:

  • Resource coaching via e-mail support & brief calls between sessions
  • Assessments
  • Coaching programs for personal and professional development
  • Admission to groups, workshops, and lectures at no additional fee
  • Customized principles, techniques and action plans
  • Progress reports

Retreats, Workshops, and Keynotes

Customized retreats, workshops, and keynote addresses are available upon request. Choose among the topics discussed throughout the website and call to inquire about the dynamic engagements of TC Jones Coaching.

Leadership Development

Both individual and collective leadership development is imperative to address the complex, adaptive challenges of our day. Developing adaptive leadership skills and attributes is our expertise. Learn more here.


Initiatives can include customized, quantitative measures of progress and effectiveness as needed. This qualitative and quantitative information allows you to measure individual, board and team effectiveness and ground your decisions in a broader base of understanding.

360-degree, thinking style, leadership and trait-based assessments are also employed when indicated.

Process & Program Design

Our expertise in adult learning, human development and interpersonal relations can be the success factor of program design, community-wide initiatives, mergers and collaborations.

Project Management

For large-scale efforts, formal project management services are offered to ensure that schedule, quality and budgetary goals are met.